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HOW TO: Retrieve users from LDAP Directory to Axon
Axon Data Governance 5.4 can connect to the LDAP directory in your organization, retrieve users, and display them in the Axon interface. You need not manually create user profiles
one after the other. Axon automatically creates multiple user profiles after it connects to the LDAP server.

Note: In Axon 5.3, Retrieve Users from LDAP Directory to Axon feature is available for technical preview. Technical preview functionality is supported but is unwarranted
and is not production-ready. Informatica recommends that you use these features in non-production environments only.

Perform the following steps to configure access to the LDAP Server:

1. Go to Admin Panel >Customize and Configure > Configure Axon > LDAP Server
2. Configure the properties listed as shown in the following screenshot. You may refer the attached document for more information on the properties to be configured.

ldap_server.png3. Save the changes and close.
4. Run the following commands to clear cache and restart the required services:

            sh <axonhome>/axon/app/paramsync

5. To retrieve the users, go to <INSTALLATION_DIR>/axonhome/axon_ldap_synchronizer/scripts and run:


 6. Axon will fetch the users from the LDAP server and create the user profiles and corresponding org units (if it is not already present).
More Information
  1. If new users are retrieved from the LDAP directory, Axon creates People objects and assigns the WebUser profile to them.
  2. If users belong to organizational units in the LDAP directory, Axon assigns them to the matching Org Unit objects.
  3. If users belong to organizational units that do not have corresponding Org Unit objects in Axon, Axon creates new Org Unit objects and assigns the people to these objects.
  4. If users are deleted from the LDAP directory, they are not deleted from Axon by default. You must manually delete the users from the Axon interface.
  5. If users in the LDAP directory are modified, these users are updated in Axon. Axon updates only those fields that you configure in the Admin Panel. This will require resync.
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