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HOW TO: Enable PK Chunking for a Salesforce source object in Data Integration
When you use the Bulk API to extract data from Salesforce, you can enable primary key chunking to increase performance when you extract data from large tables.
The PK Chunking option is available in Synchronization tasks, Replication tasks, and Mapping tasks. To enable this feature, you must use Salesforce API version 32.0 or above in the service URL when you configure the Salesforce connection for the task.

Perform the following steps to enable PK Chunking:
  1. Create a task to read data from a Salesforce source or edit an existing task that reads data from a Salesforce source.
  2. On the Schedule tab, under Advanced Salesforce Options, select Bulk API from the Salesforce API drop-down. 
    PK Chunking option is available under Advanced Source Properties
  3. Select the checkbox to enable PK Chunking and configure the following properties:
        a. PK Chunking Size: Size of each chunk of the data set. The default chunk size is 100000.
        b. PK Chunking startRow ID: The Bulk API splits the data set into multiple chunks based on the record ID and creates extract queries for each chunk.

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