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HOW TO: Delete objects in Axon
Effective in Axon Data Governance 5.4, you can delete multiple objects at the same time or delete an object when you edit it.

A SuperAdmin user can perform the delete operations in Axon. If a WebUser or Admin user sets the status of an object to Deleted
a SuperAdmin user can delete the object from Axon. You can delete an object only if the status of the object is set to Deleted, and if the object has no dependent or related objects. For instance, you cannot delete a system if either the Axon status is Active, or if there are datasets that are linked to the system. To 
delete the system, you need to configure the Axon status to Deleted and remove all the linked datasets.

When you configure the object status to Deleted, Axon hides the object for the WebUsers from the Unison search. After you delete an 
object, the object is permanently removed from Axon. You cannot view the object in the Unison and Quick searches.
You can either delete each object from the individual object page or from the Unison grid where the user can select single or multiple records. To delete each object from the individual object page, click Edit > Delete item. 


From the Unison search, select the rows that you want to delete and click Bulk Delete. In the Bulk Delete page, click 
Delete to permanently delete the selected objects. 


If the objects do not satisfy the required conditions, Axon does not delete those objects and generates exceptions. You can hover over the 
error icon to view the exact error message.

To delete an object, you need to ensure that the object satisfies the required conditions. These conditions vary based on the facet type. An 
object must satisfy the following conditions that are common to all the facets:
  • The status of the object is Deleted.
  • The object does not have any stakeholder.
  • The object does not have related objects in the Impact tab.
  • The object does not have any child object.
The condition to change the status of an object to Deleted does not apply to the Geography and Regulator objects because they do not 
contain the Axon Status field.

Please find attached the doc which has the additional requirements that apply for some facets before deletion:

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