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HOW TO: Run the Informatica Cloud task (IICS) with Rest API using the new Global identifier Id of the object
There is a workaround to execute Informatica cloud jobs using the new Global identifier of the object, it involved the following steps:

Step 1: To get the global Id using Lookup V3 API:

   POST <baseApiUrl>/public/core/v3/Lookup
   Content-Type: application/json
   Accept: application/json
   INFA-SESSION-ID: <SessionId>
    "objects" : [
                "path" : "Default/MappingTask1",
               "type" : "MTT"
    "objects": [
            "id": "47ASiXOmS9pj7WQPeBA9cN",
            "path": "Default/MappingTask1",
            "type": "MTT",
            "description": "",
            "updateTime": "2018-10-12T23:23:26Z"
Step 2:  
The above response will contain the new Global identifier of the object of the MCT which needs to executed, Now using the FRS GUID the job can be executed using the following method:

   POST <serverUrl>/api/v2/job
   Content-Type: application/json
   Accept: application/json
   icSessionId: <SessionId>
      "@type": "job",
      "taskFederatedId": "47ASiXOmS9pj7WQPeBA9cN",
      "taskType":    "MTT"
    "@type": "job",
    "taskId": "0100010Z00000000000A",
    "taskType": "MTT",
    "runId": 2,
    "taskName": "MappingTask1",
    "runInParallel": false
More Information
​​ ​​IICS REST API Document. 
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