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HOW TO: Find slow performing components in mapping in Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS)

In the session log of a completed process you can find a section called "LOAD SUMMARY". In there you will have the subsection "***** RUN INFO FOR TGT LOAD ORDER GROUP [1], CONCURRENT SET [1] *****" under which you can see three threads. Each of these threads represents the Reader, Transformation and Writer respectively. These sections also contain information about three factors:

"Total Run Time" = time this thread was loaded

"Total Idle Time" = time this thread was loaded but waiting for other components

"Busy Percentage" = percentage of time this thread was actually working

From this information, you can tell if the bottleneck is either the source (Reader), the transformations or the target (Writer). Judging on the Busy Percentage you can also estimate if the process is waiting on an external endpoint (low Busy Percentage).

If you are facing performance issues in IICS please validate these points first. If you need further assistance please contact the Informatica Support team and provide them with this information as well as the session log.

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