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HOW TO: Configure SAML SSO in IICS
Here are the brief steps to configure SSO in IICS:
1. Contact your IDP team/provider and get the following details:
  • Issuer
  • Single Sign-On Service URL
  • Signing Certificate
Note that these are static parameters and can be provided from IDP side irrespective of SP
2. Login to IICS and go to Administrator -> SAML Setup -> fill in the details from point 1
3. Specify Name Identifier Format if possible or can be updated later
Example: urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress

4. Now click on Download Service Provider Metadata and it downloads a xml file: iics_saml_sp_metadata.xml [SP metadata file cannot be downloaded unless you fill the 3 parameters mentioned in point 1]

5. Provide the xml file to IDP team or share the below vital info from the xml file
  • EntityID
  • AssertionConsumerService
  • X509Certificate (if required) 
  • SingleLogoutService (if required)
[1 to 5 are mandatory steps]
6. SAML Attribute Mapping can be utilized if you can create attributes on the IDP side and populate the user details on IICS

Role Mapping: 
7. If you want to map roles from IDP side to SP side, 
  • Provide attribute name in 'User Roles:' in SAML Attribute Mapping 
  • Map the values in SAML Role Mapping
Example: If the attribute name is idp_roles and the different roles are Administrator, Developer1, Tester1
User Roles: idp_roles
8. Or specify a default role in Default Role: and later org admin can change the roles

User group Mapping:
9. Currently, user group mapping is not available, specify a default group and later org admin can change the user group.

Managing SSO users:
  • If you want the SSO users to be created automatically on the first login, un-check Disable auto provision of users
  • If 'Disable auto provision of users' is checked, users must be created manually through IICS REST API or UI.
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