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HOW TO: Create a standard DQ Rule for Glossary in Axon
In Axon Data Governance, you must have edit permissions on the Glossary object for which you want to create a standard DQ Rule, If you have permission, do as follows to create a standard DQ Rule:

1. From Unison search, open the Glossary object for which you want to create a standard data quality rule.
2. Click Edit
3. From the Actions menu, click New Standard Data Quality Rule.
The New Standard Data Quality Rule tab appears.
4. In the New Standard Data Quality Rule tab, specify the following properties (here mandatory fields are underlined):
  • Name: Name of the standard data quality rule
  • Description: Description of the logic for the standard data quality rule
  • Reference Number: Unique identifier for each object. Axon automatically assigns a unique reference ID if you leave this field blank
  • Type: Select the type of DQ Rule from the options displayed in the dropdown
  • Technical Description: A technical description of the rule logic. Can include SQL or pseudo SQL
  • Technical Rule Reference: Option to link the rule with a rule specification or rule mapplet in Informatica Data Quality
  • Create Local Rules Automatically: Automates the running of data quality rules in Informatica Data Quality
  • Axon Status: Status of DQ Rule in Axon
  • Lifecycle: Lifecycle status of the object
  • Axon Viewing: Whether the rule is available for public viewing or not
  • Criticality: Level of criticality for standard DQ rule
  • Frequency: The frequency at which you want to run the rule and retrieve data quality scores from Informatica Data Quality
  • At: Select time for the execution of the rule
  • Green/Amber Target: A number from 0 to 100 that indicates the threshold value for the green/amber color


5. Click Save and Close.
More Information
If Axon has automatically created local data quality rules for a standard rule, you cannot delete the standard rule.
Applies To
Product: Axon Data Governance
Problem Type: Product Feature
User Type: Business Analyst
Project Phase: Optimize; Onboard
Product Version: Axon 6.0; Axon 6.1; Axon 6.2; Axon 6.3; Axon 7.0
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:6/24/2020 9:27 AMID:570591
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