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HOW TO: Create Datastore for Scanning Microsoft Excel Worksheet in Secure @ Source

The Microsoft Excel Worksheet comes under the Category of File System > Under Unstructured files. 

Follow the below steps for the Data Store Creation for 'Microsoft Excel' in S@S:

  1. Go to S@S GUI > Choose Manage > Choose the Data Store.
  2. Select New for creating the Data Store. 
  3. In the File Protocol > Select 'Locale File'.
  4. Path: Provide the Path which is accessible by both the S@S server and Cluster. ( Refer the Administrator Guide and complete the pre-requisite for configuring the Connectivity to a File System').
  5. Under Data Store Type, choose File System > Under File Types, Choose 'Select' > Under Selected File Types, Expand Unstructured File > Scroll and Choose "Microsoft Excel".
  6. Set the JVM Option 'High'.
  7. Provide the other Mandatory Properties and save the Data Store connection. ​

More Information
You can download the S@S Administrator Guide​ and follow Chapter 17 'Configuring Connectivity to a File System' for the pre-requisite for scanning the File System resources.
Applies To
Product: Data Privacy Management
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Developer
Project Phase: Implement
Product Version: Secure@Source 4.5
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:8/27/2019 9:15 PMID:572154
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