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HOW TO: Add custom fields in Axon
Starting from Axon Data Governance 6.0, you can add custom fields for any facet thus giving you the ability to capture more information. Only users with Admin and
Super Admin profile can add custom fields. Do as follows to add custom fields for any facet:

1. From the Axon toolbar, click the Admin Panel menu item under your user name.
2. In the menu on the left, under Meta-Model Administration > Custom Fields. The Configure Custom Fields page appears. 


3. In the Facet dropdown, select the facet for which you want to create custom fields. For instance, I have selected the Glossary facet.


4. Click Edit, and then click the '+' icon to add a new field:


The Add Custom Field dialog box appears


Refer to the following table for more information on the above fields:




Name of the custom field that needs to appear in the Axon interface.


Determines if the Axon user must enter a value in the custom field.

Mandatory fields appear in the Definition section of an Axon object, and non-mandatory fields appear in the Optional Fields section of an Axon object.

Note: If you use SSO or retrieve users from the LDAP directory to create users in Axon, make sure that you do not create a mandatory field for the People or Org Unit facet.


Description for the custom field.


The type of value that the user can enter in the custom field.

      Text: The user must enter a text string.

      Number: The user must enter a numeric integer value.

Note: The integer value cannot exceed 19 digits.

      Decimal: The user must enter a numeric integer value or decimal value.

Note: If the user enters a decimal value, the integer part of a decimal value cannot exceed 13 digits.

      Date: The user must select a date.

      Check Box: The field is a check box that the user can either select or clear.

      Time: The user must select a time.

      Percentage: The user must enter a percentage value.

Note: Enter a value between 0 and 100.

      Dropdown: The user must select a value from a list of dropdown values.


This property appears if you select the Dropdown type. Enter the list of values that must be available for the user. Enter each value in a new line. The user can select one of these values from the available dropdown list.

Default Value

Enter a value that must appear for the field by default.

Note: If you configure a custom field as required, you must provide a default value.

Placeholder Text

Enter a descriptive text that instructs the user about the purpose of the custom field. The text that you enter in this field appears in grey color for the user.

5. Once all the fields have been filled, you can see the custom field when you open any object for that facet. For instance, if a user opens glossary, the user is able to see the custom field Nickname created for glossary:

More Information
Applies To
Product: Axon Data Governance
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version: Axon 6.0; Axon 6.1; Axon 6.2; Axon 6.3
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:6/24/2020 9:26 AMID:574074
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