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HOW TO: Hide Business Entities in the Create menu of an E360 application created in the Provisioning tool in MDM
All the Business Entities are displayed by default in the "Create" menu of an Entity 360 application. However, the application can be configured in the Provisioning Tool to choose which entities to display.

1. Open the Provisioning tool and go to UI Configuration > Application Editor.
2. Select the application to edit and click the beConfiguration node.
3. Click Create to add a new entry. Select the Business Entity you need to hide, and leave the Visible checkbox unselected.
4. Apply and publish the changes.
More Information
​A Business Entity will be visible in the Create menu even if it is not added to the beConfiguration node in the application configuration. It does need to be explicitly added with the Visible property not selected to hide the entry in the menu.
Applies To
Product: MDM Multidomain
Problem Type: Configuration; Product Feature
User Type: Administrator; Architect; Developer
Project Phase: Configure; Implement
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:6/18/2019 12:41 AMID:575389
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