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HOW TO: Get the status of the scanner job through a REST API in EDC
In Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC), run GET <CatalogAdmin>:<port>/access/2/catalog/resources/jobs/loads/{id} REST API to get the status of the scanner job
where {id} is the ID of the resource job.
This REST API is run either using swagger UI or any HTTP REST API client like Postman.

You get the id by running the command: 
GET <CatalogAdmin>:<port>/access/1/catalog/resources/<Resource_Name>/tasks
The <Resource_Name> is the written name of your resource. 
However,  if there are any doubts or if anything is not working, check all the resources by running:
GET <CatalogAdmin>:<port>/access/1/catalog/resources

The following command gives the status of all tasks run for the resource
GET <CatalogAdmin>:<port>/access/1/catalog/resources/<Resource_Name>/tasks
more details:
GET <CatalogAdmin>:<port>/access/2/catalog/resources/jobs/loads/{id} 



    "resourceName": "OracleSource",

    "jobId": "54a47e22-bca0-4494-aecc-f7899bafe84f",

    "status": "COMPLETED",

    "jobType": "SCAN_JOB",

    "startTime": 1576495599145,

    "endTime": 1576495944558,

    "jobHref": "/2/catalog/resources/jobs/loads/54a47e22-bca0-4494-aecc-f7899bafe84f",

    "logUrl": ""


An alternative in the ldmadmin.log under 
<INFA_HOME>/logs/<node_name>/services/CatalogService/<CS_Name>  the job id is also seen


2019-12-16 12:29:29,204 INFO  [LogFileDelegator] Request initilization Time:Mon Dec 16 12:29:29 CET 2019
2019-12-16 12:29:33,220 INFO  [LogFileDelegator] URL:http://server:9085/access/1/catalog/resources/jobs/stats?jobid=54a47e22-bca0-4494-aecc-f7899bafe84f&taskid=925d4a49-209d-4208-80c3-96cd67d913e6
The REST API can be called from a Linux machine using the CURL command, the syntax for the CURL command is as follows:
curl -X GET "http://<CatalogAdmin>:<port>/access/2/catalog/resources/jobs/loads/232" -H "accept: application/json" -u <username>:<password>​
More Information
To know the list of all the exposed REST APIs, use the following link:
Where <CatalogAdmin> represents the URL of the machine where you installed Catalog Administrator, and <port> represents the port number configured for the Catalog Service.
Applies To
Product: Enterprise Data Catalog
Problem Type: Product Feature
User Type: Business Analyst
Project Phase: Implement
Product Version: Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.1; Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.1 Update 1; Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.2; Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.2 Service Pack 1
Operating System:
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:12/26/2019 12:26 AMID:576338
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