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HOW TO: Configure Gmail Delivery Options for Axon Data Governance
​​You can create a time-based job scheduler to receive emails from Axon Data Governance. Define the email schedule in the file, and enter the details of the email server in the Admin Panel. You must have the SuperAdmin profile to perform this task.

Perform the following steps to configure Gmail delivery if you have installed Axon Data Governance 6.1 in your Linux environment:
  1. From the Axon toolbar, click the Admin Panel menu item under your user name.
  2. In the menu on the left, under the Customize & Configure category, click Configure Axon.
  3. In the Group dropdown, select Email Options.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Configure the following properties:


    ​Mailer Transport ​Enter smtp
    Note: Enter sendmail if you have installed Axon on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4.​​
    ​Mailer Host ​Enter
    ​Mailer User Name ​Your email user name
    ​Mailer Password ​Your email password
    ​Mailer Port ​Enter 465
    Note: Enter 587 if you have installed Axon on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4.​
    ​Disable Email Delivery ​Disable all email delivery to Axon users.
    ​Disable Notification Emails for Tasks ​Disable notification emails when Axon assigns tasks to users.
    Note: If you select the Disable Email Delivery option, Axon disables notification emails for tasks.​
  6. Click Save.​
  7. In the Linux environment, run the following command to clear the contents of the cache directory:
    rm -rf <INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/axonhome/axon/var/cache/
  8. Go to the <INSTALLATION_DIR>/axonhome/third-party-app/scripts directory, and run the following commands to restart the Memcached and HTTPD services:
    sh memcached restart
    sh httpd restart

    OR (Instead of Steps 7. and 8. perform the following if Axon v5.4 or greater)

    Starting from Axon 5.4 : 

              In the Linux environment, run the following command to clear the Axon cache and restart the necessary services:

                              sh <INSTALLATION_DIR>/axonhome/axon/app/paramsync

    When you run the paramsync script, Axon restarts the HTTPD, Memcached, and email notification services.


When you clear the cache and restart the Memcached and HTTPD services, the Axon web interface might be disrupted for some users that are logged into Axon. Informatica recommends that you update the cache after you save your changes in all the Configure Axon pages. Additionally, perform this action during a maintenance period when very few users are using Axon.
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Applies To
Product: Axon Data Governance
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Business Analyst
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version: Axon (Data Governance) 6.1; Axon 6.3; Axon 6.2; Axon 7.0
Operating System: Linux
Other Software:
Last Modified Date:5/15/2020 6:48 AMID:579169
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