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HOW TO: Parameterize field mapping in IICS
Follow the below steps to parameterize the mapping:

1.  Add an expression transformation
2. Rename all the Incoming fields in Bulk either with a Prefix or Suffix. This ensures to have same name as the Incoming fields during field mapping.
3. Add an expression of a dummy field and provide a value. This can be used if there is a static field with same value
4. In the Expression tab of the expression transformation click on “Allow additional fields and expressions during task creation” and create a new parameter by giving a name. This helps to create/map fields of your choice
5.  At target transformation add 2 rules

a.       First to “Include All Fields”

b.       Exclude “Fields by Text or Pattern”> Provide the pattern you designed in the expression transformation either Fields or Prefix or Fields of Suffix.


This setting helps to pull all fields excluding the fields with certain pattern.
Deploy the mapping to Mapping Configuration Task
7. At Mapping Configuration Task, on the “Input Parameters” tab of Mapping configuration Task one can find Parameterized option to add fields with a drop-down symbol 
8. Add a new field by hovering on the drop down as below

9.  Create the field type as Output field, provide any name as per your use case, enter the datatype and precision if required. Later configure the field by mapping the required field as below
10. Validate the mapping and run the job.
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