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HOW TO: Trigger ActivityLog REST API using a REST client in IICS

The Informatica cloud REST API – ActivityLog can be used to retrieve activity logs from an Informatica org. Users can refer to Informatica cloud Developer Guide for more details on this API.  This article shows how this API can be triggered using a REST client such as POSTMAN. 

The steps are as follows:

1. Log in to your IICS org  informatica org > Click Monitor  and note down the browser URL . It provides info on the cloud environment where your IICS org is hosted.  This info will be needed to trigger the ActivityLog API. For example, in the screenshot below  - provides this info:

Cloud URL.jpg

2. Download and install POSTMAN :

Enter the following URL in POSTMAN and send a POST request with Content-Type  = application/json . This invokes the Login API .

New Cloud Login URL.jpg

 This returns a detailed response. One important attribute this API returns is icSessionId (make a note of this parameter as it is required in other APIs).

3. Enter the following URL in POSTMAN and run the ActivityLog API using the icSessionId:

Updated Cloud URL.jpg

This returns the activity logs available in your informatica org  . One thing to note is that POSTMAN provides an option to copy the results to clipboard . It is usually

indicated by a black rectangle on the right hand side of the POSTMAN window. Once the ActivityLogs results are returned , you can click this option and then paste the results to  , say , a notepad ++ file for further log review , something like :



        "@type": "activityLogEntry",

        "id": "01018IC10000000007K9",

        "type": "DSS",

        "objectId": "01018I0I000000000002",

        "objectName": "MyChangeTimeDSSTask",

        "runId": 110,

        "startTime": "2019-07-16T08:20:17.000Z",

        "endTime": "2019-07-16T08:20:56.000Z",

        "startTimeUtc": "2019-07-16T12:20:17.000Z",

        "endTimeUtc": "2019-07-16T12:20:56.000Z",

        "state": 1,

        "failedSourceRows": 0,

        "successSourceRows": 4,

        "failedTargetRows": 0,

        "successTargetRows": 4,




4. We can now invoke the Logout API  . Enter the following URL in the REST client :

Set the following two headers:

INFA-SESSION-ID   :    1QSMaUMeLklktIPC25qo85     ( this is the icSessionID retrieved in step # 2 above  ) 

Content-Type : Application/json

Updated Logout URL Screenshot.jpg

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