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HOW TO: Connect to cluster nodes from the Secure Agent machine for Integration At Scale
C​onnect to cluster nodes to gather Kubernetes Service logs for troubleshooting issues that are related to Kubernetes Services.

To connect to a cluster node, run the following command on the Secure Agent machine:
ssh -I <ssh private key path> admin@<EC2 instance public IP address>

The command uses the SSH protocol to connect to a cluster node from the Secure Agent machine.

Private key path
By default, the private key is stored in the ~/.ssh/id_rsa file under the home folder of the user that started the Secure Agent process​​. The private key is stored in the same folder as the public key.

If you are not logged in as the user that started the Secure Agent process, run the following command to find out which user started the process:
ps -ef | grep Agent

If your Integration At Scale administrator did not store the private key in the ~/.ssh/id_rsa file, find the correct location using the ccs-operation.log file on the Secure Agent machine.

The ccs-operation.log file is stored in the following directory:
<Secure Agent installation directory>/apps/At_Scale_Server/<version>/ccs_home/

In the ccs-operation.log file, the following message indicates the location of the public key:
<Secure Agent installation directory>/apps/At_Scale_Server/<version>/mercury/services/shared/kubernetes/kubernetes_1.11/bin/kops create secret --name <cluster instance id> sshpublickey admin -i <ssh public key path>

To find the private key, navigate to the folder that stores the public key.

Public IP address
Use the public IP address that is assigned to the EC2 instance that hosts the cluster node. For information about public IP addresses, refer to the AWS documentation.​​​​​​
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