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HOW TO: Stop a task within a taskflow running in IICS?
Currently, we do not have an option to manually stop the job through UI. But you can stop the job using REST API as mentioned below:

Login : POST:
Body: { "@type": "login", "username": "", "password": ""}

GetTaskDetails: GET: https://{serverUrl}/api/v2/mttask/name/{name of the task}
Header: icSessionId: {Pass the session ID from the login call}
Content-Type: application/json

Stop the job: POST: https://{serverUrl}/api/v2/job/stop
Body: { "@type": "job", "taskId": "{Task ID form the task details call}", "taskType": "MTT" }​
Header: icSessionId:{Pass the session ID from the login call}
Content-Type​: application/json​
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