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HOW TO: Stop or Restart the PowerCenter failed workflow from the PMPC console
If a PowerCenter workflow fails, you can start the workflow through Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Operations (PMPC) Web Service Hub. 
To achieve this requirement, use the following objects:

Source: Predefined PMPC SQL Source Service 'PowerCenter Completed Workflows'.
Response: Predefined response 'PowerCenter Web Service Hub Workflow Control Response'.
Rule: Create an Advance that uses the above source and target to start the workflow.

To start the PowerCenter Workflow, Web Service Hub needs to be configured before using PowerCenter Web Service Hub Workflow Control Response.

Below is the advance rule which needs to be created:

when 1 pc_completed_workflows t0 with t0.workflow_run_status = 'Failed' then "PowerCenter Web Service Hub Workflow Control Response" with parameters="FolderName=${t0.folder}, RequestMode=NORMAL, WorkflowName=${t0.workflow_name}, RepositoryService=${}, DIServiceInfo.ServiceName=${t0.is_name}, DIServiceInfo.DomainName=${t0.domain}, WorkflowRunInstanceName=${t0.workflow_run_instance_name}, WorkflowRunId=${t0.workflow_run_id}, operationToExecute=startWorkflow"

After creating the rule, save the rule then start the PMPC SQL Source "PowerCenter Completed Workflows", which will generate events in pc_completed_workflows topic and it will activate the rule based on failed condition. If the rule gets activated, it will start the workflow. ​

In a similar way, you can stop any of the PowerCenter workflows with the following Advanced Rule:

when 1 pc_completed_workflows t0 with t0.workflow_run_status = 'Failed' then "PowerCenter Web Service Hub Workflow Control Response" with parameters="FolderName=${t0.folder}, RequestMode=NORMAL, WorkflowName=${t0.workflow_name}, RepositoryService=${}, DIServiceInfo.ServiceName=${t0.is_name}, DIServiceInfo.DomainName=${t0.domain}, WorkflowRunInstanceName=${t0.workflow_run_instance_name}, WorkflowRunId=${t0.workflow_run_id}, operationToExecute=stopWorkflow"

More Information
​Make sure that the Source object "PowerCenter completed workflows" is able to fetch the information from the Database side. If all the required objects are deployed properly and the connections object are properly configured to get the information from the PMPC database then the PMPC should be able to fetch the status of the Workflow and take the action accordingly. Otherwise, there could be a inconsistency with the source object and Topology decommission will resolve the issue. 
Applies To
Product: Complex Event Processing
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Developer; Architect
Project Phase: Implement
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Last Modified Date:6/15/2020 12:49 AMID:590470
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