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HOW TO: Associate and disassociate business term to an asset as a business Title in EDC
Editor's Note: Hi Nagarajan, This article is for technical review

In Enterprise Data Catalog(EDC), perform the following to associate and disassociate business term to an asset as a business Title.

Associate business term to an asset as a Business title:
  1. Create a business term in the Analyst service and bring it into the catalog UI.
    Follow steps 1 and 2  from the KB HOW TO: Assign business term to a resource (KB 593732​)​​

  2. Select the necessary resource or asset. 

  3. Click on the Edit icon on the title

  4. Select the Resource, the business glossary and the business term from the dialog box that pops up. 


  5. Click on the tick mark to save the selection. 

  6. Notice the business term appears as title and if any description is on the business term it appears on the description on the asset. 


Disassociate a business term to an asset as a business title:​
  1. Click on the Edit icon next to the Busines title of the asset.

  2. In the Add Business Title dialog box that pops up,  click on the mark next to the Assigned Business Title. 

  3. The disassociated business term appears in the Rejected Business Terms section. 


  4. Save the changes. Notice the term has been removed from the title and the description also disappears. 
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Last Modified Date:11/29/2019 1:33 AMID:593738
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