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HOW TO: Upgrade from old PowerCenter Repository Database to New Database

To upgrade from old PowerCenter Repository Database to a new database, do the following:

  • Login to Administration Console.
  • Stop all Integration Services in the repository.
  • Backup the repository.
  • Stop the Repository Service.
  • Configure the Repository Service to connect to the new database (Properties > Database Properties).
    Update the connect string, database type, database username, and database password (ConnectString, DatabaseType, DBUser, and DBPassword).
  • Enable the Repository Services in Exclusive mode.
  • Restore the repository in the new database.
  • Restart the Repository Service in Normal mode.
  • Start all Integration Services in the repository.

More Information
Take the backup of the repository and domain before upgrading.


Domain back up can be done by the following command:


./ BackupDomain -da <DB_Host:Port> -du <DB_username>-dp <Db_Password>-dt <DB_type>-ds <DB_Servicename>-bf <Backupfilename.mrep> -f -dn <Domain_Name>


Repository backup can be done from the admin console,

Manage >> Services and Nodes >> Actions >> Repository Contents >> Back up

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Last Modified Date:5/28/2020 10:08 PMID:617266
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