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HOW TO: Change Informatica Home Directory back to previous version Home Directory after Informatica major upgrade
Let us assume, the upgrade is done from version 10.1.1 to 10.4.
Previous version home directory ($INFA_HOME) is /edwu1/appl/edwuat/Informatica
Upgrade was done (current $INFA_HOME) to location /edwu1/appl/edwuat/Informatica_10.4

The requirement is to change the current $INFA_HOME again to /edwu1/appl/edwuat/Informatica

1st method
  • Rename "Informatica" directory containing 10.1.1 binaries to Directory "Informatica_10.1.1" then ask your system admin to create a symbolic link for Informatica_10.4 to Informatica, so that whenever you refer to "Informatica" it will refer to "Informatica_10.4".
  • No need to modify the existing script and environment variables pointing to the previous version 10.1.1 home directory.
2nd method
  • Shutdown domain
  • Rename Informatica to Informatica_10.1.1
  • Rename Informatica_10.4 to “Informatica”
  • Take back up of current nodemeta.xml
  • Run DefineGatewayNode command from $INFA_HOME/isp/bin to modify entries in nodemeta.xml
    Example of command:
    ./ DefineGatewayNode -kf $INFA_HOME/tomcat/conf/Default.keystore -kp key_password -ld <INFA_HOME>/isp/logs -rf <INFA_HOME>/isp/bin/nodeoptions.xml? -kd $INFA_HOME/isp/config/keys
    If above command did not work, then try below:
    ./ DefineGatewayNode -cs "jdbc:informatica:oracle://DB_HOST_NAME:DB_PORT;ServiceName=ORCL" -du db_usrname -dp password -dt Oracle -dn domain_name -kf $INFA_HOME/tomcat/conf/Default.keystore -kp key_password -ld <INFA_HOME>/isp/logs -rf <INFA_HOME>/isp/bin/nodeoptions.xml? -kd $INFA_HOME/isp/config/keys
    For details about options of command related to your environment, open designer -> help - Contents -> Search -> enter "updategatewaynode"
    Refer KB 341500​ for more details.
  • Start the node
  • Also, check-in AdminConsole for any environment variable or node backup is pointing to the previous location, modify them accordingly.​
3rd method
  • It is the longest method.
  • Take a backup of 10.4 domain database, repository database, nodemeta.xml, siteKey, and security keys (https key files, tls files)
  • Remove everything related to 10.1.1, 10.4
  • Restore 10.4 in the desired directory.

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