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Records rejected at Expression transformation are not shown in the rejected record count in the Workflow Monitor
Problem Description

In PowerCenter 8.6, records rejected at Expression transformation are not shown in the rejected record count in the Workflow Monitor.


PowerCenter mapping reads 218 records from flat file source. There is an Expression transformation in the mapping that uses TO_DATE function to convert varchar data to DATE data type. Due to validation error 197 records failed to process. However, the Workflow Monitor does not show the correct statistics and the rejected records are missing in bad file.

The Workflow Monitor shows the following run statistics:

WRT_8036 Target: NL_BONUS_RATE_EXP (Instance Name: [NL_BONUS_RATE_EXP1])
WRT_8041 Updated rows - Requested: 21 Applied: 21 Rejected: 0 Affected: 21 

The Workflow Monitor displays the rejected record statistics, only if the record rejection happens at Source or Target table level. If the records fail during processing after Source level and before reaching Target level then the Workflow Monitor does not consider it for the Workflow Monitor statistics. Rejected records are not moved to bad file.


This behaviour is as designed and feature request 202690 has submitted for the same.

Use the following work around for this issue:

  1. Edit the session and go to the Config Object tab.
  2. Go to the Error Handling section.
  3. Select Error Log Type as Flat File.

An error file PMError.log is created at <PowerCenter installation directory>\server\infa_shared\BadFiles. This file stores all the details about the run time rejection, like the Transformation name and why the record was rejected.

You can also store this information in a relational table instead of a flat file. In that case, select Error Log Type as Relational Database and provide relational connection details.

For more information on logging error information, see Row Error Logging in PowerCenter Advanced Workflow Guide.

More Information
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Product: PowerCenter
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User Type: Developer
Project Phase:
Product Version: PowerCenter 8.6
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Last Modified Date:4/9/2009 6:54 AMID:104070
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