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Proposed process to handle Rejects
Problem Description

Is there a way to cleanse records in a reject table? That is, is there a way Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) will re-process a record that gets rejected?


Reject Handling Process

Informatica MDM Built-in Processes

1. Stage Process

1.1. All records are retrieved from the landing table for the particular stage job. These records are first placed in the Previously Landed (PRL) table and then sent to the Cleanse Engine.

1.2. The valid cleansed records are placed in the Staging Table and invalid records are placed in the Reject Table.


2. Load Process

2.1. The Load Process retrieves all the records from the Staging Table.

2.2. The Lookup Sub-process is performed against the Lookup Table.

2.3. The valid records are then inserted into the Base Object, and the invalid records are placed in the Reject Table.


Custom Reject Handling Processes

3. Reject Handling ETL Process

3.1. All records from the Reject Table are placed in the Temp Landing Table, and then the Reject Table is truncated.

3.2. Rejected records are also deleted from the PRL Table.

4. Manual Rectifying Process

4.1. If the a record is rejected due the data issue within the record, then a Data Steward needs to correct the record in the Temp Landing Table using some third party interface, such as, a simple web app, MS Access. Then the corrected is flagged for reprocess.

4.2. Else if a record is rejected due to missing lookup code, then a Data Steward needs to add the new lookup code in the Lookup Table, and the rejected record is flagged for reprocess.

5. Reject Re-land ETL Process

5.1. All flagged for reprocess records are placed in the Landing Table, and then removed from the Temp Landing Table.


Adding the custom reject handling processes to the automated Informatica Process


  1. Step 3 should be added as the very last task in the automated Informatica Process. Thus, this will be done before the Data Stewards access the MRM system.
  2. Step 4 is to handle manually by either a Data Steward or the Siperian Admin.
  3. Step 5 should be added as the very first task in the automated Informatica Process.
  4. Also see the following workflow.

More Information
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Product: MDM Multidomain
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Last Modified Date:6/23/2015 9:37 PMID:90407
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