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ERROR: “Cannot connect to DDM server,port” while connecting to SQLserver management studio
Problem Description

In Dynamic Data Masking (DDM), when connecting to the SQL server management studio with the DDM sqlserver server name and DDM port number, the following error is displayed:

Cannot connect to INW00004086,4000
A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occured during the login process. (Microsoft SQL Server error, Error: 10054)

This issue occurs if there is a mismatch in the SQLserver ip address configured in the site management console and the configuration file.

All the SQL server databases created from the site management console will be entered in the activebasemssql.conf file within the gs folder.
Check the proxy area for the particular SQLserver log in which the error is displayed.

proxy_name = Site/civic
frontend_ip =
frontend_port = 4000
backend_ip = 10.65.401.109
backend_port = 1433

Here the backend_ip value is different from the one configured from the front end and is not correct. Correct this file, save it and then log into the SQL server management studio.

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Product: Dynamic Data Masking
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Last Modified Date:2/19/2013 3:03 AMID:142798
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