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The rule "PC_OW1 Running workflow missed schedule by 3 minutes" is repeatedly firing for a particular scheduled workflow
Problem Description
The Proactive Monitoring rule PC_OW1 Running workflow missed schedule by 3 minutes in RulePoint is repeatedly firing for a particular scheduled workflow. However, in the Workflow Monitor it displays that the workflow has not missed it's schedule.

The workflow which causes this rule to fire is scheduled to run twice a day - once at 11 AM and once at 11 PM. However, the workflow scheduler displays the next start time as 10 PM. This is a by-product of daylight Savings Time since the original workflow schedule is created several months before the DST change. When the time 'fell back' this past fall then that knocked the schedule off by one hour.
So, even though the workflow is running an hour earlier than expected, based on the how the workflow schedule data is stored in the PC Repo and then subsequently retrieved by the PowerCenter Scheduler Missed Workflows Interval-based SQL Source Service it is reported as running 23 hours late.


To resolve this issue, open the Workflow Manager, edit the scheduled workflow, delete the existing schedule and create a schedule using the same times of day.

More Information
Applies To
Product: Complex Event Processing
Problem Type:
User Type:
Project Phase:
Product Version: Proactive Monitoring for PowerCenter Governance 2.5
Database: DB2 UDB 9.5; DB2 UDB 9.7; Microsoft SQL Server 2005; Microsoft SQL Server 2008; Oracle 10g; Oracle 11g; Oracle 11g R2
Operating System: AIX 5.3; AIX 6.1; Linux; Redhat Linux 6.1; Redhat Linux 6.2; Redhat Linux AS 5.0; Solaris 10.0; SUSE Linux ES 10.0; SUSE Linux ES 11.0; Windows 2008; Windows Server 2008 R2
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:2/20/2013 11:04 PMID:146762
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