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REP_12400 : Repository Error (Can't find attribute with id: 6.) when running a BW extraction session
Problem Description

BW extraction session fails with the following error:

ERROR : REP_12400 : Repository Error (Can't find attribute with id: 6.)
ERROR : PCCL_97010_97010 : [ERROR] Cannot get session property #6.
ERROR : PCCL_97011 : [ERROR] The Integration Service failed to initialize session properties for the Source Qualifier instance [AMGDSQ].
ERROR : SDKS_38200 : Partition-level [AMGDSQ]: Plug-in #300320 failed in createPartitionDriver().

​The issue occurs because the plug-in needs to be registered again.

​To resolve the issue, perform the following:

  1. Run pmrep connect command from the <Install_dir>/server/bin directory:
    pmrep connect
                   -r <repository_name>
                   {-d <domain_name> |
                    {-h <portal_host_name>
                     -o <portal_port_number>}}
                   [-n <user_name>
                   [-s <user_security_domain>]
                    [-x <password> |
                     -X <password_environment_variable>]]
                   [-t <client_resilience>]


    pmrep connect -r RS_test -d Domain_test -n Administrator -x Administrator -s Native
  2. Run the unregister command for SAP plug-in:
    pmrep unregisterplugin -v 1 -l 300300
    You might receive the following error, which can be ignored:
    The requested resilience timeout of 180 second(s) exceeded the Repository Service [RS_scarlet_91HF4_nv] limit on resilience timeouts. The new resilience timeout is 0 second(s).]  Unregister Plug-in operation on repository [RS_test] started at 02/21/2013
    Error: Invalid vendor id 1 plug-in id 300300 provided
    Unregister Plug-in operation on repository [RS_test] ended at 02/21/2013  Elapsed time is 0:00:00.
    [[REP_57106] Repository operation error. See repository service log for detailed information.]
    Failed to execute unregisterplugin.
  3. Run the registerplugin command:
    pmrep registerplugin
                          -i <input_registration_file_name_or_path>
                          [-e (update plug-in)]
                          [-l <NIS_login>
                           [-w <NIS_password> |
                            -W <NIS_password_environment_variable>]
                           [-k (CRC check on security library)]]
                          [-N (is native plug-in)]


    pmrep registerplugin -i /Informatica_9.1/server/bin/native/pmsapplg.xml -e -N
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Applies To
Product: PowerExchange
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Project Phase:
Product Version: PowerExchange for SAP NetWeaver 9.1.0
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Last Modified Date:7/8/2013 1:42 AMID:146878
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