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The "infa9logs" utility does not generate service logs while using "INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_PASSWORD" environment variable
Problem Description

The script is not generating service logs nor is it giving an option to choose the services to collect service log when using Administrator user with the INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_PASSWORD environment variable set for the UNIX user.

> -o /tmp/infaLogs -un Administrator -sd 7/8/2014 -ed 7/5/2014 
INFA_HOME is set to /home/pc/910 
INFA_HOME is correctly set. Proceeding ... 

Checking JRE HOME... 
Java Instance /home/pc/910/java/jre will be used 
Tue Jul 08 17:19:15 CDT 2014 Application initialized successfully 
Tue Jul 08 17:19:15 CDT 2014 About to zip log files 
Tue Jul 08 17:19:15 CDT 2014 No service logs to zip 
Tue Jul 08 17:19:15 CDT 2014 No session/workflow logs to zip


​The behavior is as designed as infa9logs is a log collecting utility developed by Informatica GCS unlike other command line utilities provided with the product. The infa9logs script does not taken into consideration the default environment variables that are otherwise used with commands such as pmcmd and infacmd.



To resolve this issue, use the hardcoded username and password with the infa9logs utility.

Alternatively, use the LogExpress tool, which takes into account the INFA_DEFAULT_DOMAIN_PASSWORD environment variable.

More Information

To download the LogExpress tool, click here.

Applies To
Product: PowerCenter; Data Engineering Quality(Big Data Quality); Data Engineering Integration(Big Data Management); Data Engineering Streaming(Big Data Streaming); Data Quality
Problem Type: Configuration; Product Feature
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Implement
Product Version: PowerCenter
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:6/30/2020 6:22 AMID:263219
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