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ERROR: "Windows error 216 occurred while loading Java VM" while launching Data Archive and IDV installers
Problem Description

While trying to launch Informatica Data Vault (IDV) or Data Archive installer in Windows Operating system, installer fails to lauch and displays the following error:

Windows error 216 occurred while loading Java VM


This issue occurs when  installer is being launched in 32 bit Windows Operating System. Data Archive and IDV Windows Installers are of 64 bit version. As Installer is 64 bit version and 'Windows machine', where installer is being launched, is  32 bit, 'Windows error 216 occurred while loading Java VM' has occurred.

Starting from Data Archive 6.3 version, Data Archive and IDV products installation are supported only in 64 bit Windows machines. Hence, use 64 bit Windows Machine for installation of DSG Data Archive and IDV services.


If the requirement is to install 'SQL Worksheet', a GUI client tool, provided with IDV for querying data archived into IDV server from Windows Client Machines, then please contact Informatica Shipping Team to get the 32 bit Windows installer, which would be of name  Informatica_Data_Vault_Native_Install_win_x86_[version].zip 

Once the installer is obtained, choose the installation option named 'IDV ODBC Administrator and Querying tool' to perform client installation. For instructions on installing the option, refer KB 487678

More Information
Applies To
Product: Data Archive
Problem Type:
User Type: Business Analyst
Project Phase:
Product Version: Data Archive 6.2; Data Archive 6.4; Data Archive 6.3
Operating System: Windows
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:3/31/2016 3:27 AMID:345126
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