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"s_m_SET_CURRENT_CUTOFF" session fails in DX_ETL workflow with error "pmsql_50054 : [ERROR] Native type for column datetime not found"
Problem Description
DX_ETL workflow is shared by Informatica to load ODS database for Data Exchange Dashboard. One of the sessions s_m_SET_CURRENT_CUTOFF fails with the following error in SQL1 transformation 
when ODBC connection is used to connect SQL server database: 
pmsql_50054 : [ERROR] Native type for column datetime not found.
pmsql_50070 : [FATAL] Error threshold reached.

​By default, the database type in SQL1 transformation is Microsoft SQL Server with data type for ports as datetime, which works fine in Native connection but not while using ODBC as ODBC does not have datatime datatype.


To resolve this issue please do the following:

  1. Open mapping m_SET_CURRENT_CUTOFF from PowerCenter designer.
  2. Edit SQL transformation SQL1 and go to SQL settings tab, select Database Type as ODBC.


  3. Go to SQL Ports tab and change datatype for LAST_CUTOFF_END and CUTOFF_END ports to timestamp.


  4. Save the mapping and refresh workflow/session.
  5. Run the session.

More Information
Applies To
Product(s): B2B Data Exchange
Product Version(s): B2B Data Exchange
Operating System(s):
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Last Modified Date:4/27/2016 7:37 AMID:366801
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