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ERROR: "CMN_1650 A duplicate row was inserted into a dynamic lookup cache" when a PowerCenter 9.6.1 session with Dynamic lookup fails
Problem Description

One of the PowerCenter 9.6.1 session with Dynamic lookup fails with the following error:

ERROR : (1303 | LKPDP_2:TRANSF_1_1) : (IS | is_na1dev96) : na1etl96_node_na1etldev2 : CMN_1650 : A duplicate row was attempted
to be inserted into a dynamic lookup cache [LKP_SET_FLAG]. The dynamic lookup cache only supports unique condition keys.

From PowerCenter 9.6, Lookup transformation can be active or passive.


This issue occurs when the table on which the lookup is built has duplicate rows. As a dynamic cached lookup cannot be created with duplicate rows, the session fails with this error.


To resolve the issue, select Use first value or Use Last value for Lookup Policy on Multiple Match at the Lookup transformation PowerCenter 9.6.1.

More Information
Applies To
Product: PowerCenter
Problem Type:
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase:
Product Version: PowerCenter 9.6.0; PowerCenter 9.6.1
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:9/11/2019 11:00 PMID:408757
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