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ERROR: "java command not found" while running JDBC test utility in Informatica Server machine
Problem Description

While running JDBC test utility, provided with Informatica, using '' script from '$INFA_HOME/tools/debugtools/jdbctest' location, execution failed with the following error message, after providing the connection details:



[infagcs@vento testforjdbc]$ ./ 

bash: ./ Permission denied 

[infagcs@vento testforjdbc]$ ./ 

./ line 78: java: command not found 


Encountered issue is due to absence of 'JAVA_HOME' environment variable setting and hence, '$JAVA_HOME/bin' location in the 'PATH' environment variable setting.



Perform the following steps to resolve the encountered issue:


  1. Login to Informatica Server machine.
  2. Once logged in, set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to Java folder in the Informatica Home, as below: 


export set JAVA_HOME=$INFA_HOME/java/jre #Substitute $INFA_HOME variable with absolute location to the folder, where Informatica is installed.

export set PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH 

If the INFA_HOME is at location '/products/informatica/102' location, then run the following commands for setting JAVA_HOME:


export set JAVA_HOME=/products/informatica/102/java/jre

export set PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH 

    3. Once set, navigate to '$INFA_HOME/tools/debugtools/jdbctest' folder.

    4. Run the following commands to provide, execute permissions on the script, if not present already for the logged in user:


chmod ugo+x


   5. Once permissions are provided, re-run the utility to test the JDBC connection and it should complete successfully.

More Information
Applies To
Product: Data Engineering Integration(Big Data Management); Data Quality; Enterprise Data Preparation
Problem Type: Configuration; Connectivity
User Type: Administrator; Developer
Project Phase: Implement; Configure
Product Version: Informatica 10.0; Informatica 10.1; Informatica 10.1.1; Informatica 10.2; Informatica 10.2.1; Informatica 10.2.1 Service Pack 1; Informatica 10.2.2; HotFix; Informatica 10.4
Operating System: Linux
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:3/31/2020 4:31 AMID:527820
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