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ERROR: "[[informatica][Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed" while running Hadoop pushdowns from Informatica 10.2.1
Problem Description

While running pushdown jobs involving Oracle database objects in 'Blaze' mode using Informatica 10.2.1 or later versions, job execution fails with the following error message in the logs:


Log Trace


2018-06-19 18:44:04.038 <DTFPool-11-thread-16> SEVERE: [task MAINSESSION_task4]: [GCL_4] The grid task [gtid-15-1-92342459-14] execution failed.

2018-06-19 18:44:04.038 <DTFPool-11-thread-16> INFO: [task MAINSESSION_task4]: [GCL_6] The grid task [gtid-15-1-92342459-14] has the following statistics:

              Tasklets                             : [1]

              successfully executed tasklets       : [0]

              failed tasklets                      : [1]

              cancelled tasklets before execution  : [0]

              cancelled tasklets during execution  : [0]

2018-06-19 18:44:04.039 <DTFPool-11-thread-16> INFO: [task MAINSESSION_task4]: [GCL_8] The following error appears for all failed tasklets in the grid task [gtid-15-1-92342459-14]: [

The tasklet [gtid-15-1-92342459-14_s0_t-0] failed with the following error: [RR_4035 SQL Error [

Function [INFASQLFetch] failed in adapter [/data/hadoop/yarn/local/filecache/26/infa_rpm.tar/plugins/dynamic/infajdbcruntime/] with error code [-1].

FnName: INFASQLFetch Optimize -- doFetch(). SQLException: [java.sql.SQLException: [[informatica][Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed, reason: invalid UTF8 data]]

Function [INFASQLGetDiagRecW] failed in adapter [/data/hadoop/yarn/local/filecache/26/infa_rpm.tar/plugins/dynamic/infajdbcruntime/] with error code [100].

FnName: INFASQLFetch -- doFetch(). SQLException: [java.sql.SQLException: [[informatica][Oracle JDBC Driver]Transliteration failed, reason: invalid UTF8 data]]

Function [INFASQLGetDiagRecW] failed in adapter [/data/hadoop/yarn/local/filecache/26/infa_rpm.tar/plugins/dynamic/infajdbcruntime/] with error code [100].].].].

2018-06-19 18:44:04.041 <LdtmWorkflowTask-pool-5-thread-7> INFO: [task MAINSESSION_task4]: Aggregated logs for the grid mapping [gtid-15-1-92342459-14] can be found at the following location: [/apps/blazeLogs/application_1527227229113_0024/TaskletLogs/gtid-15-1-92342459-14].

​ ​​


Starting from Informatica 10.2.1 version, '' file would not be available in Informatica server machine. For ease of use, Hadoop cluster specific Environment variable settings, LD_LIBRARY_PATH settings and Hadoop Execution engine properties that are to be used during Informatica jobs, have been moved to the 'Hadoop Pushdown connection'. 

For more information on the updated 'Hadoop connection' properties, refer to the following documentation:​

 To resolve the issue, you need to configure 'NLS_LANG' environment variable set in the 'Hadoop Pushdown' connection used for running the job. 


Perform the following steps from Informatica 10.2.1 to configure the 'NLS_LANG' environment variable setting, which would have been configured through '' file in earlier versions:

  1. Log in to Informatica Administrator console or launch Informatica Developer client.
  2. Navigate to 'Connections' tab in case of Informatica Administrator console and 'Windows > Preferences > Connections > [Domain]> Cluster > Hadoop', when Developer client is used.
  3. Select the 'Hadoop Pushdown' connection, being used for running the jobs.
  4. Edit the 'Hadoop Cluster Properties' section in the connection.
  5. In the 'Hadoop Cluster Properties' window, edit the 'Cluster Environment Variables'  attribute.
  6. In the newly opened window, use 'New' button to add the Environment variable setting as follows:









To add 'NLS_LANG' environment variable with 'AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8' as value, enter the details as follows:









   7.  Once Environment variable setting has been added, save the changes.

   8.  Stop running Blaze Engine applications and then re-run the mapping in 'Blaze' mode, so as to start 'Blaze Engine' with updated settings. For more information on starting and stopping Blaze application, refer to the following KB article:


On running new Hadoop pushdown job, the configured environment variable settings would be used and the encountered 'UTF-8 Transliteration' error would get resolved.  

More Information
Applies To
Product: Data Engineering Integration(Big Data Management); Data Engineering Quality(Big Data Quality); Data Engineering Streaming(Big Data Streaming); Enterprise Data Preparation
Problem Type: Configuration; Connectivity; Product Feature
User Type: Administrator; Developer
Project Phase: Configure; Implement
Product Version: Informatica 10.2.1; Informatica 10.2.2; HotFix; Informatica 10.4
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:3/31/2020 4:27 AMID:532276
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