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ERROR: "STORAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED:Storage limit exceeded" when Informatica session fails while writing to a PWX for Salesforce target
Problem Description
The following error is noticed in the session log when Informatica session fails while writing to a PWX for Salesforce target: 

Severity: ERROR Timestamp: 8/9/2018 7:39:27 PM Node: NODE1_DEV Thread: WRITER_1_*_1 Process ID: 22292 Message Code: SalesforceConnection_10040 Message: [ERROR] Unable to insert following row into target: [750q0000004EsL1q000000pAAO,,false,false,STORAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED:Storage limit exceeded:--,269953,00041,CC,E-US-044-WILLI--D-US-US ,E-US-044--XYZ-D-US-US,0 ,0.000000000000000,US ,72255 ,E10164 ,XYZ_XYZ ,INCLUDE,2223-06-14T14:09:12.000Z,2018-06-14T02:05:30.000Z,B].

Even though this error occurs, the session still gets completed successfully. However, it fails with this error.

This is a known issue when using the Salesforce bulk API and is fixed in PowerCenter 10.2 HotFix 1. To resolve this issue, upgrade to PWX for Salesforce 10.2 HotFix 1 or higher.


Do not use the bulk option in the session properties. Switch to normal load. By doing so, it will not use the Salesforce bulk API.
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Last Modified Date:2/11/2019 8:49 PMID:541236
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