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ERROR: "Code:IDS_092,message: Impersonation user does not exist in current organization, requestId:xxxxxxxxxxx" while publishing guides in ICAI
Problem Description
The following error will be seen while during publishing guides in ICAI:

AccesstoAll was not published due to the following error: HTTP method: POST Bad Request Status Code: 400 
{Error:Code:IDS_092,message: Impersonation user does not exist in current organization, requestId:xxxxxxxxxxx
This issue is seen when one is logged in to ICAI & SFDC at the same time from the same browser. 
To resolve this issue, do the following:

1. Go to the following link and search for "POD-specific Cloud Application URL".


2. Get your POD specific "POD-specific Cloud Application URL for Salesforce".
For example, if your org belongs to EMW1 then your SFDC URL will be "" which you need to update in the salesforce
3. Go to Salesforce > Guide Setup > Advanced Settings (right-hand top corner) > update the 1st part of the ICAI Host URL with this new value obtained in step 2

Alternatively if one is looking for a quick workaround to resolve this issue then follow the below steps 

1. Logout from the browser. 
2. Delete cache/cookies.
3. Go to Incognito mode of Chrome and then try to Publish the guides.

More Information
Applies To
Product: Cloud Data Integration; Cloud Application Integration
Problem Type: Connectivity; Configuration
User Type: Architect; Administrator; Developer
Project Phase: Onboard; Implement
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:9/15/2020 7:58 AMID:566368
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