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Unable to use more than four/five asterisk (*) as masking value
Problem Description
In the security ruleset, even after providing more than four/five asterisk as masking value, the output shows only four/five '*'
​This is a known issue with DDM 9.8.4  server on Windows OS.

EBF-14036 has been released to address this issue:

DDM Version: 9.8.4 

Database: SQL Server 2014 

EBF ID: EBF-14036 

EBF location: /updates/ILM/DDM/ 

Instructions for Installation: 

1. Stop / Remove (Windows) DDM Server 
2. Take backup of <ddm_server_path>/lib/Server.jar 
3. Unzip 
4. Copy Server.jar to <ddm_server_path>/lib/ 
5. Start DDM Server 
More Information
​Original Statement:
select State from tblABN;
Replaced by:
select  '*****' State  
from tblABN ;
Done by ClientInfo:[User=SA-OEW-infaddmd, Host=EDIDVWICSONLD01, application=Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - Query] - SessionID=69,0 - ADP-ICD\SA-OEW-infaddmd
Applies To
Product: Dynamic Data Masking
Problem Type: Performance
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Onboard
Product Version: Dynamic Data Masking 9.8.4
Operating System: Windows 2012; Windows 2008
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:6/19/2019 1:07 AMID:569199
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