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Different database names are displayed for Oracle RAC source in EDC 10.2.1 Update 1
Problem Description
In Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) 10.2.1 Update 1, while extracting from an Oracle RAC source, the resource results with different database names (name of the instances) instead of just one.


Oracle RAC has 3 different instances DB1, DB2, and DB3 and all refers to same database DB0. Instead of having only one DB name (DB0) in the resource in Catalog UI, you may see up to 3 different DB names (DB1, DB2, and DB3) depending on the instance used during different executions (in case you have to restart/resume the metadata extraction).​
This is expected behavior in Oracle RAC and a JVM option "-DextractDatabaseName=true" already exist in other versions. We have requested a port of the fix to EDC 10.2.1 Update 1.
To resolve this issue, apply EBF-14241.

Go to and navigate to /updates/Informatica10/10.2.1U1/EBF-14241 to download and follow the instructions to apply the EBF.
More Information
Applies To
Product: Enterprise Data Catalog
Problem Type: Product Feature
User Type: Business Analyst
Project Phase: Implement
Product Version: Enterprise Data Catalog 10.2.1 Update 1
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:9/3/2019 11:25 PMID:572005
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