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ERROR: PMPC installation fails with error
Problem Description

PMPC installation fails with the following error:


This error is seen while pmrep objectimport command is run by the installer:


Error while configuring PowerCenter Database : java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception while getting connection :[informatica][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication. at com.informatica.cep.pmpc.installer.ia.custom.action.BaseDatabaseOperation.createConection( at com.informatica.cep.pmpc.installer.operation.install.ExecuteDDLcreate_pc_user.install( at com.zerog.ia.installer.actions.CustomAction.installSelf(Unknown Source) at com.zerog.ia.installer.InstallablePiece.install(Unknown Source) at com.zerog.ia.installer.InstallablePiece.install(Unknown Source)


The JDBC test connection and ODBC ssgodbc test connectivity gives connection successful.​​


PMPC installer uses incorrect control file for 'pmrep objectimport' command.

Following is the command used by the installer.

The file used for '-c' is pmrep.exe which doesn't make sense. It should be a control file.

Below is the command used while installing:

pmrep objectimport -i "C:\Proactive_Monitoring\Solutions\PMPC\reporting\etl\mssqlserver\ETL_ALL_PMPC_v30HF1.XML" -c "C:\PMPC\informatica_1011HF1_cmd_utilities_winem-64t\PowerCenter\server\bin\pmrep.exe"

In the above command, -c is for the control file. pmrep.exe is not a valid control file. 

You can find sample control files in <CMD_Utilities_installer>/server/bin/sample_deploy_controlfile.xml.


This is a known issue and CR CEP-350 has been submitted to be addressed in a future release.


Use a valid control file to run pmrep objectimport command. 

You can find sample control files in <CMD_Utilities_installer>/server/bin/sample_deploy_controlfile.xml.​ You will need to edit the control file to your needs. 

Below is the example command:

pmrep>objectimport -i /home/bgokcek/PMPC30HF1/birsen.XML -c /home/bgokcek/PC102HF1/server/bin/control_file.xml

We have to run this command after installation. 


While installing we can skip the PMPC report configuration step, we can configure reports after the installation as well. 

Refer below KB for steps to configure PMPC reports after installation:​

More Information
Applies To
Product: Complex Event Processing
Problem Type: Installation
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Configure
Product Version:
Operating System:
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Last Modified Date:7/6/2020 4:08 AMID:573783
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