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Workflow Generation for the Hive Source fails with error: "[DTF_0020] The [DIS] Service failed to authenticate the user with the error message [null]"
Problem Description
While generating the workflow for the Hive Source in the TDM, the following error occurs and captured in the jobLogs:

[MercuryMessage_117] Error encountered while executing session : Mapping_p1_TEST_T_HIVE_syed_test_test1_0. Failed with exception [[MPSVCCMN_10001] The client [MappingServiceClient] could not connect to the Mapping Service Module.]. [MPSVCCMN_10001] The client [MappingServiceClient] could not connect to the Mapping Service Module.
at com.informatica.dsg.mercury.service.ILMMappingServiceClient.<init>(
at com.informatica.dsg.mercury.service.ILMMappingServiceClient.INITIALIZE(
at com.informatica.dsg.mercury.service.ILMMappingServiceClient.getInstance(
at com.informatica.dsg.mercury.service.MappingExecutor.executeSession(
at com.informatica.dsg.mercury.tasks.AbstractMappingTask.runJob(
at com.informatica.dsg.mercury.executor.impl.RunnableExecutor$
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
Caused by: com.informatica.core.exception.ExceptionSurrogate: com.informatica.pcsf.servicesframework.ServicesFrameworkAuthenticationException: [DTF_0020] The [DIS] Service failed to authenticate the user with the error message [null].
​The error occurs if the necessary Hadoop Configuration is not done on the TDM and DIS.
To resolve this issue, do the following:
  1. Go to Admin Console > Select the DIS Service > Under Properties > Edit the Execution Option.
  2. In the Data Integration Service Hadoop Distribution Directory, provide the complete path as below. Then Save and Recycle the service:
  3. Go to Admin Console >Select the TDM Service > Go to Process tab.
  4. Edit the Execution Options and provide the complete Hadoop Distribution Directory for the necessary Hive Driver. Save the changes and recycle the service. By default the location will be: <INFA_HOME>/10.2.0/services/shared/hadoop/cloudera_cdh5u10

More Information
Applies To
Product: Test Data Management
Problem Type: Connectivity; Configuration
User Type: Developer
Project Phase: Implement
Product Version: Test Data Management 10.1.0; Test Data Management 10.2.0; Test Data Management 10.2 R1
Database: Hadoop - Hive
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:6/3/2019 1:29 AMID:576252
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