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"Precision Loss" in NUMERIC fields when using PowerExchange for SAS in Informatica 10.2.1 BDM as the Scale Field in the Developer Tool is also not editable
Problem Description
Precision Loss is reported when using PowerExchange for SAS with High/Low precision enabled as the Scale Field is not editable in Informatica 10.2.1 BDM edition.

That is, in numeric fields, the fractional part after the decimal point is lost. 

Data Preview Screenshot:

Right values along with Fraction data is observed in third-party utility like SAS GUI and other SAS related tools.

When the same column is tested in Informatica Data Quality Data Viewer, the decimal points are lost and only the whole number is visible.

The issue is because the column has no formats assigned. As per PowerExchange for SAS connector design logic, the scale and precision of a column are identified based on its format. If no format is assigned, it is taken as zero by default and is not editable.

This is identified as a bug.

OCON-20481 is raised as a Change Request to correct the scale and precision of a column if no formats are assigned. 


The following workaround can be implemented (if it is one or two data-sets):

1. Add formats to the SAS data objects in the SAS side.
2. Create a view on that table.
3. Use that newly created view to read it with Informatica Developer.
More Information
Applies To
Product: PowerExchange; Data Engineering Integration(Big Data Management); Data Engineering Quality(Big Data Quality); Data Quality
Problem Type: Product Feature
User Type: Developer
Project Phase: Implement
Product Version: PowerExchange for SAS 10.2
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:12/3/2019 6:58 AMID:581612
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