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ERROR: "PWX-20066 Restart info VTS <2019-07-16-02.12.08> before lowest VTS <2019-07-16-05.32.25> in capture catalog." while running PowerExchange DB2 UDB logger
Problem Description
The DB2 UDB logger fails to start with the following errors:

190719 133754 LNX64 6 PWX-20066 Restart info VTS <2019-07-16-02.12.08> before  
                      lowest VTS <2019-07-16-05.32.25> in capture catalog.     
190719 133754 LNX64 6 PWX-09974 CAPI i/f: RC=12 from CAPI_SendRestartInfo.     
                      Connection CAPIUDB. Sources 474.                         
190719 133754 LNX64 6 PWX-06406 Condense: Error Reason: 103 rc=9974.           
190719 133754 LNX64 6                                                          
190719 133754 LNX64 6 PWX-06414 Condense: Closing down CAPI                    
190719 133754 LNX64 6 PWX-06110 Unloaded module 2 (CCL WRITER).                
190719 133756 LNX64 21706 PWX-06033 Controller: Error starting subtask CCL     
190719 133757 LNX64 5 PWX-06453 Command Handler: shutting down.                
190719 133758 LNX64 5 PWX-06454 Command Handler: has stopped.                  
190719 133758 LNX64 5 PWX-06110 Unloaded module 1 (COMMAND_HANDLER).           
190719 133800 LNX64 21706 PWX-06060 Controller: subtask Command Handler ended. 
190719 133800 LNX64 21706 PWX-06107 Controller: All subtasks shut down.        
This issue occurs because logger was warm started after performing DTLUCUDB SNAPSHOT.

Here, the restart token seems to be having a VTS 2019-07-16-02.12.08 which is much lesser than the one from SNAPSHOT present in the catalog i.e 2019-07-16-05.32.25 in this case and hence the logger failed.
To resolve this issue, cold start the logger after a DTLUCUDB SNAPSHOT.
More Information
Applies To
Product: PowerExchange
Problem Type: Configuration
User Type: Developer
Project Phase: Configure; Onboard; Implement
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:8/7/2019 11:56 PMID:583107
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