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[DDM] WARN - TDSSSLState:server data: failed with exception:General SSLEngine problem
Problem Description
The following error is displayed when using Dynamic Data masking (DDM) to connect to an SSL enabled database.

[DDM for SQL Server-8] WARN  - TDSSSLState:server data: failed with exception:General SSLEngine problem General SSLEngine problem




This generally occurs when the database is SSL enabled and the DDM is not authenticated with the SSL. So, here DDM tries to establish a forced SSL connection with the client and it fails.
To resolve this issue, enable the SSL on DDM by configuring that SSL enabled database in DDM.
  1. Generate trustore for the database.
  2. Create a jvm.params file on DDM end.
  3. Copy the jvm.params file to the installation directory of DDM (Ex: C:\DDMInstance).
  4. Launch the management console and click on Site in left panel tree and add the database.
  5. Provide SSL enabled database details and click on SSL checkbox and click on "Test Connection". You should get a "Validated" pop-up. Then click on OK to save the database node.
More Information
Refer to KB 608811​ to get the briefed steps on how to add the SSL enabled database on DDM and then connecting to it through DDM.
Applies To
Product: Dynamic Data Masking
Problem Type: Configuration; Performance; Product Feature
User Type: Administrator; Business Analyst; Developer
Project Phase: Configure; Implement
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:6/28/2020 11:17 PMID:609319
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