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"[ICMD_10033] Command [startworkflow] failed with error [[WorchSI_10000] Cannot find the following application: [ApplicationXXX].]" while running infacmd wfs startworkflow command
Problem Description

While running infacmd wfs startworkflow command to start an instance of a workflow using command (./ wfs startworkflow -dn Domain -sn DIS -un Administrator -pd Administrator -a ApplicationXXX -wf WorkflowXXX​), the command fails with the following error message:


 [ICMD_10033] Command [startworkflow] failed with error [[WorchSI_10000] Cannot find the following application: [ApplicationXXX].].


​This issue occurs when the application XXX is not deployed on the Data Integration service which is specified while running the infacmd wfs startworkflow command.


Specify the correct Data Integration service with -sn option in the command syntax in which the application XXX has been deployed.

You can check which applications are deployed on the DIS either from admin console or from the Command line.

More Information
Applies To
Product: Data Quality
Problem Type: Product Feature
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase: Configure; Implement
Product Version:
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date:6/21/2020 10:44 PMID:164301
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