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FAQ: Can the current value of the Sequence Generator be reset to the start value when copying a folder?
Problem Description
When copying a folder there is an option to "Retain persisted values" and "Retain current values for Sequence Generator". Is there an option to reset the current value to the start value in Sequence Generator transformations?
There is no option in to reset the sequence generator's current value to start value when copying a folder.


Use the Updateseqgenvals pmrep command to reset the current value after copying the folder.

More Information

The "Retain persisted values" option will retain the values for mapping variables and workflow variables.

The option "Retain current values for Sequence Generator" will appear in the "Copy folder" wizard when the folder is replaced. When this option is selected, the sequence generator values in the target folder will be retained. When it is not selected these values will be replaced with the ones from the source folder.

A feature request (CR 91924) has been created to add this option in a future release of PowerCenter.

Applies To
Product: PowerCenter
Problem Type:
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase:
Product Version: PowerCenter; PowerCenter 7
Operating System:
Other Software:


For more details on using the Updateseqgenvals pmrep command refer to the PowerCenter > "Using pmrep and pmrepagent">"pmrep Repository Commands"> "Updating Sequence Generator Transformations (Updateseqgenvals)"

Last Modified Date:8/2/2008 7:17 PMID:16241
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