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HOW TO: Improve performance of a session with a Lookup Transformation that has multiple conditions
Problem Description

A Lookup Transformation that has one condition in the session performs fine. However, a Lookup Transformation that uses multiple conditions has poor session performance.


To improve Lookup caching Performance when there are a mix of inequality ("<", ">", etc.) and equality ("=") conditions, always put the equality condition first then the Inequality conditions.


The following conditions (entered this order) in a Lookup transformation exhibit poor performance:

  1. empno => in_empno1
  2. empno < in_empno2
  3. empno = in_empno

The same conditions entered in the following order will improve performance:

  1. empno = in_empno
  2. empno => in_empno1
  3. empno < in_empno2
More Information
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Product: PowerCenter
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User Type: Administrator
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Last Modified Date:8/12/2014 10:02 PMID:17628
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