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FAQ: Joiner Transformation FAQ

What is the difference between Joiner transformation and Join in the SQL override in a Source Qualifier transformation?

Some of the difference between the Joiner transformation and Join of the SQL override in Source Qualifier transformation are the following:

  • You can join heterogeneous data sources using the Joiner transformation which is not possible in a Source Qualifier transformation.
  • You need matching keys to join two relational sources in Source Qualifier transformation. There is no need for matching keys to join two sources with Joiner transformation.
  • While joining two relational tables using a source qualifier, the tables should exist in the same source connection.  However, with a Joiner transformation you can join two relational tables from different source connections.

What are the settings to configure the Joiner transformation?

The settings for configuring a Joiner transformation are:

1. Setup one of the tables as Master and the other as Detail

2. Select the type of Join

3. Enter the Condition of the join

What are the join types in Joiner transformation?

Following are the join types for joiner transformation:

  • Normal (Default)
  • Master outer (fetches all the rows from the Detail table)
  • Detail outer (fetches all the rows from the Master table)
  • Full outer

What are the Joiner caches?

When a session with a Joiner transformation in the mapping is executed, the Informatica Server reads all the records from the master source and builds the index and caches based on the master rows.

After building the caches, the Joiner transformation reads records from the detail source, and based on the JOIN condition and JOIN type it performs the joins.​

More Information

PowerCenter Transformation Guide > "Joiner Transformation"


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