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Best Practices for deploying PowerCenter Enterprise Grid/HA on VMware ESX/ESXi

This article aims to help customers understand what is required to make Informatica PowerCenter Enterprise Grid available on VMware vSphere. The attached Deployment Guide provides a sample step by step procedure of how Informatica deployed PowerCenter Enterprise Grid/HA in its High Availability Center of Excellence for certification purposes. 


It is not meant as a step by step “you must do everything in this document this way” cookbook, but as a prescriptive solution clearly articulating what to do in order to have the best possible out of box experience with Informatica Enterprise Grid/HA on VMware.  Examples where deviations might be less problematic might be operating system versions used at client deployments vs what is discussed in this document. So long as the operating system version being used at the client is a supported version, it should not be an issue.  However, advanced parameter settings should be followed precisely as prescribed in this document for support. 


Virtualization support for PowerCenter Enterprise Grid/HA begins at version 9.5 onward including only VMware vSphere 4.1U1 and later versions.

To view the guide, see the attachments section in this article. 

More Information


My Support > Support Statements > General Support Documents > PowerCenter HA file system certification



The intended audience for this guide are System and Enterprise Architects, System Administrators, Database Administrators, VMware Administrators, VMware certified professionals, and other IT implementers.

The intended audience of this document should be familiar with terms such as 'I/O fencing', 'cluster file system', 'cluster volumes', 'trusted connection', and so on.

Informatica Enterprise Grid on VMware Deployment Guide



Applies To
Product: PowerCenter
Problem Type:
User Type: Administrator
Project Phase:
Product Version: PowerCenter 9.5
Operating System:
Other Software:

Last Modified Date: 11/22/2012 2:04 PM ID: 144243
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