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Knowledge Link: Ultra Messaging Knowledge Base
The aim of this page is to allow you to browse through all of the Ultra Messaging specific articles sorted by topic. The structure below is a direct copy of the Ultra Messaging Documentation supplied with your software, so that you can quickly move between the two resources whenever you want a broader introduction on a topic (found in the standard document) or to search for answers to a specific implementation or runtime question that you have (more often found in the KB).  
We have included separate links to articles from different sections where we feel that the article crosses subject/topic boundaries.

More Information


​There are other sources of information on UM, both internal and external to the Knowledge Base, including:

  • Glossary for Ultra Messaging (KB 144262) - A KB page to provide an initial definition and links to further information 
    for as many of the acronyms, terms, and definitions within the Ultra Messaging (UM) world, some of which are unique to UM and others that are used throughout the messaging domain.
  • Informatica UM Videos - The Ultra Messaging - YouTube channel containing links to all of the multimedia recorded and uploaded for UM specific and general messaging topics


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