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Knowledge Link: Ultra Messaging configuration strategies and management


This Knowledge link includes ​articles that illustrate strategies and management of Ultra Messaging configuration.




346517 ​UM Samples: Dump attributes loaded from XML configuration file using UM C-API ​​Example program using the C-API that can be used to dump UM configuration attributes loaded from an XML configuration file.
148876 HOW TO: Dump configuration parameters using the C-API lists C-API Functions and an example program that can be used to dump UM configuration attributes loaded from a flat configuration file.
​149009 HOW TO: Translate UM flat file configuration files into XML using example and script Bash shell script example that translates flat file configuration format to the XML format
147742 HOW TO: Specify store groups for different topics in a static configuration file in UM ​ XML configuration example that specifies two UMP topic patterns to specific store groups
148322 HOW TO: Assign topic and context attributes to proxy sources and receivers in the gateway in UM Example that specifies unique UM attributes to the topics and contexts of proxy sources and receivers created by the gateway
148908  HOW TO: Specify configuration files in UM applications (C-API) Lists the C-API functions, environment variables and objects that can be used to specify UM configuration files.
148360 FAQ: Do lbm-context, lbm-receiver, lbm-source parameters override those loaded from the <lbm-config> file in the UMP STORE daemon? ​Yes they do. A debug log is included that illustrates how the configuration is overridden.
206844 Unable to run the lbmsrc/lbmrcv example programs with XML config file in UM Modified version of lbmsrc and lbmrcv that support XML config files is included.
148322 HOW TO: Assign topic and context attributes to proxy sources and receivers in the gateway in UM Assigning attributes using a UM XML configuration file
152839 FAQ: Is there a way to specify inline configuration for the transport opts when running lbmmon in UM? Illustrates in-line configuration for the lbmmon transport options
​285731 ​HOW TO: Load multiple XML Configuration Files in Ultra Messaging ​Shows how to use the <xi:include> element to include configuration options from two xml files into a third
​80178 ​Using Ultra Messaging Environment Variables ​Describes environment variables used by Ultra Messaging, and provides definitions, examples, and suggested uses for these variables.
579053 ​HOW TO: Programmatically access object attribute values UM primitive objects (context, source, receiver etc) have a corresponding attributes structure through which you can access that objects option values

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