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VDS Rulepoint Integration.
If you need stream data to Informatica RulePoint for VDS you need to integrate both. For that you need to create RulePoint target service in RulePoint target service VDS and UM Source in Rulepoint.  

In vds when we create a RP target, VDS actually creates a dummy target which does nothing. The VDS source directly publishes message on a specific topic using UM connection and any UM receiver subscribes to that topic receives the message. In this case Rulepoint UM source is actually a UM receiver. You can imagine this as pub/sub application using UM.


So in VDS dataflow with RP target, the send part is handled by VDS  (Publisher) and receive part  is handled by RP (Subscriber).

Configuring VDS :- 

           Create a Rulepoint target in VDS, which only has one filed and that is the entity name.

Configuring RulePoint :- 

          After you create a RulePoint target service in VDS, to configure RulePoint to receive messages from VDS, perform the following tasks:

                1. Log in to the RulePoint host, and then create a plain-text configuration file named lbm.cfg in the following location: $RULEPOINT_HOME/service-conf/

                2. In the lbm.cfg file, specify the value of the receiver type ID property that VDS generated for the RulePoint target service, as follows:
receiver umq_receiver_type_id <Receiver_Type_ID> . (You can get this from propertiy of RP target in VDS. It will be auto created by VDS to keep it unique and you can't change it)

                3. Log in to RulePoint Administrator, and then create an Ultra Messaging source. When creating the source, in the source topic box, specify the topic name that VDS generated for the connection. (You can get it from propertiy of the connection in VDS. The field name is  "Transport Topic")

More Information
The UM configuration that you create in $RULEPOINT_HOME/service-conf/, you should at least mention below two parameters.

context resolver_unicast_daemon <ip:port> #You can get it from propertiy of the connection in VDS. The field name is Resover Daemon

receiver umq_receiver_type_id  <receiver_type_id_from_VDS>

Below addional configuration can be used as per requirement. Please check UM user guide or reach out to UM support for the details on these configs.

context request_tcp_reuseaddr 1

context request_tcp_port_low 37000

context request_tcp_port_high 37400

context resolver_unicast_port_low 16051

context resolver_unicast_port_high 16099

context transport_tcp_maximum_ports 499

context transport_tcp_port_low 37500

context transport_tcp_port_high 37999



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Last Modified Date: 8/5/2016 12:21 AM ID: 407520
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